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Cybersecurity and Deterrence

What Is Cyber Command’s Role in Combating Ransomware?

Recent ransomware attacks against the United States are raising questions about whether and how the military, specifically U.S. Cyber Command, might counter this type of malicious cyber activity. Here, we provide a road map for policymakers to help guide their decision-making on this critical policy challenge.


The Lawfare Podcast: Mayank Varia and Riana Pfefferkorn on Apple's Decision to Scan for Child Exploitation Material

Two of the biggest controversies in tech are how to stop the spread of child pornography and other exploitation material, and whether encryption prevents legitimate law enforcement investigations. In an announcement last week, Apple dropped a bomb into both of these debates.

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

The White House Responded to the Chinese Hacks of the Microsoft Exchange Servers This Week. Is It Enough?

The Biden administration should be applauded for building a broad coalition of allies to condemn China's dangerous cyber activity. Now, the White House should do what it has done to other U.S. adversaries and impose real costs on Beijing.

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