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The Russia Connection

The DNC Hack Demonstrates the Need for Cyber-Specific Deterrents

The United States' seemingly insufficient reaction may have been informed by international law; the United States might have responded to the DNC hack as it did because international law did not permit it to do more. Limited state recourse to escalatory self-help measures is a feature of the modern international legal order—but, as the DNC hack, Sony hack, and growing number of similar cyber-enabled interferences demonstrate, in cyberspace this feature may have become a bug. 


State of the Field Conference for Cyber Conflict

In 2003 the Cyber-Conflict Studies Association was founded to foster the academic study of a new discipline -- conflict in the cyber domain.   At the time they were more in the nature of Cassandra's trying to alert the world to a coming danger.  Today, no one doubts the danger -- indeed it may well have reached the point where the fear of cyber conflict is over-hyped.  But the flood of voices creates the danger of drowning out in volume more measured, rigorous study of the issue.

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