Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Latest in Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Prosecuting Project Raven: A New Frontier for Export Control Enforcement

The deferred prosecution agreements for three members of Project Raven charged with hacking on behalf of a foreign government seem to set a precedent for lenient treatment for this type of conduct. In reality, the case signals that the U.S. Department of Justice intends to crack down on this type of conduct using every tool available.


The GCHQ’s Vulnerabilities Equities Process

In the U.S. there has been a long debate about “vulnerability equities”—that is, whether the government should disclose a vulnerability it discovers to the vendor, which will then allow users to apply a patch and be defended against exploitation, or keep the vulnerability secret to enable the government’s exploitation of targets. There is little data on how the process works. But the U.S. has the potential to learn how the British handle the same problem.

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