Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Latest in Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Senate Hearing on Social Media and Foreign Influence Operations: Progress, But There’s A Long Way to Go

Wednesday’s Senate intelligence committee hearing on social media influence operations provided insight into how the lawmakers and tech companies are coming to grips with the new challenges that online platforms pose for democracies.

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Offensive Cyber Operations and the Interagency Process: What’s at Stake With the New Trump Policy

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal’s Dustin Volz reported that President Trump has altered the interagency process for vetting offensive cyber operations. We do not have the full details yet, but it appears to be the culmination of long-running efforts to make it easier and quicker to conduct such activities.  Here’s a roadmap of some of the key interests and issues at stake.

The Russia Connection

Russia Indictment 2.0: What to Make of Mueller’s Hacking Indictment

As President Trump prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin, his Justice Department says it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Russian president has been lying about his country’s involvement in the 2016 election hacking.

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