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As our lives become increasingly dependent upon computer systems and cyber technologies grow ever more sophisticated, the internet has emerged as the new battleground of the 21st century. From criminals' stealing credit card and social security number information to foreign governments' hacking into American companies’ information systems, cyber attacks can take on myriad forms, prompting the government to formulate new measures to protect online security. Since cyberwarfare knows no territorial bounds, ensuring cybersecurity will also require international cooperation and an updated understanding of jus ad bellum, as it applies to cyber attacks.

Latest in Cybersecurity


The Strategic Relevance of Cybersecurity Skills

The lack of cybersecurity experts is an issue of strategic relevance as it undermines countries’ economic development and national security. Starting to consider the cyber skills shortage as a strategic public policy challenge should help stakeholders allocate the right resources when they plan to enhance the cyber resilience of their countries and organizations through a comprehensive skills strategy. 


Medical Device Security Offers Proving Ground for Cybersecurity Action

Legislation moving through Congress on medical devices suggests broader lessons for how to improve the cybersecurity of essential products and critical infrastructure. The bill’s proposed system of regulation and oversight holds promise for meeting the competing criteria of certainty and flexibility, stability and adaptability, mandate and innovation. 

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