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Jenks on Italy, the Abu Omar Rendition Prosecution, and Violation of the NATO SOFA

The following is a guest post from Chris Jenks. Chris formerly was a Judge Advocate and Chief of the International Law Branch at the U.S. Army’s Office of The Judge Advocate General. Now he is an assistant professor of law and director of the criminal justice clinic at the SMU Dedman School of Law.

Covert Action

The Washington Post on the Abu Omar Case---And Its Consequences

This is a wonderful piece of journalism. The Washington Post's Ian Shapira today has a long feature on one of the CIA officers convicted in Italian courts for the kidnapping and rendition of radical Egyptian cleric Abu Omar---and its subsequent impact on her life. It is richly reported, perplexing in certain respects, and not a little bit moving.


Proxy Detention in Somalia, and the Detention-Drone Tradeoff

There has been speculation about the effect of the Obama administration’s pinched detention policy – i.e. no new detainees brought to GTMO, and no new detainees to Parwan (Afghanistan) from outside Afghanistan – on its other counterterrorism policies.  I have long believed there must be some tradeoff between narrowing U.S.

Covert Action

Polish Judges to Weigh In On the Legality of Detaining al Qaeda Members?

Will Polish judges have the occasion to weigh in on the legality of non-criminal detention of asserted al Qaeda members?  Probably so.  It appears that Polish prosecutors have brought charges against the former head of Poland's intelligence service, Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, on the ground that his cooperation with the CIA in establishing a black site detention facility in the country violated international law (the investigation apparently remains confidential at this time


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