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Interrogation: CIA Program

A Reply to Amy Zegart on the SSCI Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program

I was extremely disappointed to read Professor Amy Zegart’s post regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee’s study of the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program. Not only did it include factually inaccurate statements, it also appeared to blame the Committee for the impediments imposed on the Study by the Executive Branch.

My staff has compiled a detailed description of the inaccurate and misleading statements included in Ms. Zegart’s post, which appears below.

Covert Action: Rendition

Rendition Fallout: Former CIA Officer Convicted in Absentia by Italy Possibly Arrested in Portugal

Reports are circulating that Sabrina De Sousa, a former CIA officer, has been arrested in Portugal. De Sousa was among the many CIA employees prosecuted and convicted in absentia by an Italian prosecutor, based on the Abu Omar rendition (from Milan to Egypt). She has denied involvement in that operation, and has garnered considerable attention in the past for urging that blame instead be fixed on senior CIA officials.

Covert Action: Rendition

The SSCI Report and Its Critics: Torturing Efficacy

Polarization surrounding the SSCI Report (see here for Lawfare’s coverage) has been most pronounced on the efficacy of enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs). The Report and its supporters have proclaimed that EITs never produce useful information. Unfortunately, that pat assertion undermines the possibility of a consensus on future interrogation tactics, including a consensus that rules out coercion.

Interrogation: CIA Program

Released: SSCI Detention and Interrogation Study, Along With Minority Views and the CIA's Response

Here is the long-awaited Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Study of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program. The latter includes in a single file a foreword authored by Senator Feinstein, as well as the Study's findings and conclusions.


Pre-Abu Khattala: Yunis, That 1987 Shipboard Terrorist Interrogation Case

Ahmed Abu Khattala is not the first person to be whisked onto a ship in the Middle East by U.S. forces, interrogated aboard, and then dropped in a U.S. court. There are some recent famous cases, of course, but there are also some older ones---one of which, in particular, may have precedential value for the coming litigation over Abu Khattala's capture and interrogation.

Covert Action: Rendition

SSCI v. CIA---Three Key Questions

Senator Feinstein’s remarkable floor statement yesterday has thrown further fuel onto an already volatile mix of intelligence and oversight issues related to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s detention and interrogation report. Putting the controversy both outside and inside the SSCI about the substance of the report aside for now, the basic facts as Sen.

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