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House Rules Chairman Brings Resolution to Authorize Remote Voting

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern today unveiled a resolution that would authorize remote floor voting by proxy and digital committee hearings so that the House of Representatives can continue to legislate during the coronavirus pandemic. The resolution would allow an absent House member to authorize other members physically present in the chamber to cast votes on her behalf.


Chairman of House Rules Committee Issues Report on Remote Voting

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tasked House Rules Committee chairman James McGovern to produce a report on whether the House of Representatives should develop a system for remote voting in light of the COVID-19 crisis. In the report, McGovern concludes that such a change could not be implemented overnight and likely could not be accomplished in time to address the current crisis. The report finds that a rule change of this magnitude would require major changes to foundational House rules surrounding deliberation, voting, and attendance—which would likely have unintended consequences.


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