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ChinaTalk: EMERGENCY PODCAST: China's Protests: What Happens Next

I talk about where I think these protests are heading and what they mean for Covid Zero and the international situation.

First voice memo is from @wstv_lizzi and the second is from @lichtspektrum.

The outtro singing is protesters in Shanghai singing the Internationale.

Here's my essay on the topic in written form:


ChinaTalk: US-China Chip War

What will the Biden administration's new export controls mean for the US and Chinese semiconductor industries as well as the future of the US-China relationship?

To discuss, I assembled the Chips Avengers, consisting of Reva Goujon (Rhodium Group), Jay Goldberg (Digits to Dollars), Doug O'Laughlin (Fabricated Knowledge), and Martin Chorzempa (PIIE). We got into

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