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Succession Politics and the Cost of Eliminating Presidential Term Limits in China

The potentially destabilizing effects of lifelong rule in China almost certainly outweigh the short-term benefits. The only guaranteed outcome of the elimination of constitutional term limits for the presidency is a period of deep geopolitical and ideological instability once succession politics come into play.

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Indicting Hackers Made China Behave, But Russia Will Be Harder

The closest analogy for Mueller’s decision to charge the Russian trolls is probably the May 2014 indictment in United States v. Wang Dong, in which officers of a special unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army were accused of hacking U.S. companies to steal intellectual property. 


The Flawed Approach to China in the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review

 The Nuclear Posture Review worries that preparing to fight a nuclear war is a goal of China's nuclear modernization program. But despite China's unwillingness to disclose much information about its nuclear capabilities, there is quite a bit of evidence to the contrary.

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