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Hong Kong’s Proposed Extradition Law and International Human Rights: Legalized Kidnapping?

The controversial proposal would create a legal mechanism by which individuals could be rendered from Hong Kong back to mainland China. Many fear that it would be used by Beijing to grab individuals that China couldn’t otherwise get its hands on.

Trade and Security

The U.S.-China Trade War Is a Competition for Technological Leadership

The United States is currently the world leader in technological innovation, but it faces a challenger in China. It is responding by adopting measures the authors term “shielding, stifling and spurring,” such as the new export controls on Huawei.


Is Huawei a ‘Foreign Power’ or an ‘Agent of a Foreign Power’ Under FISA? Insights From the Sanctions Case

A surprise Justice Department filing in a case charging Huawei with bank fraud and sanctions avoidance provides a rare glimpse into the larger question of Huawei’s relationship to China’s intelligence services.

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