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Cybersecurity and Deterrence

The White House Responded to the Chinese Hacks of the Microsoft Exchange Servers This Week. Is It Enough?

The Biden administration should be applauded for building a broad coalition of allies to condemn China's dangerous cyber activity. Now, the White House should do what it has done to other U.S. adversaries and impose real costs on Beijing.


ChinaTalk: Labs over Fabs: Why the US and EU Should Invest in the Future of Semiconductors

Chris Miller of Tufts and I discuss our report Labs over Fabs, our case for the US to be spending money more broadly than currently conceived by the CHIPS act. (  

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ChinaTalk: Xi: Failed Reformer?

Why does Xi govern like he's running out of time? Rhodium's Dan Rosen and CSIS' Jude Blanchette discuss their recent Foreign Affairs pieces recapping the past years of Xi's rule from an economic and political perspective. We get into failed financial liberalization, anti-corruption, the prospects for war over Taiwan, lessons from Sputnik and vertical farming.

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ChinaTalk: China's Solar Industry and Forced Labor

How did Chinese firms come to dominate the global solar industry? Now that the Biden administration has banned imports for some key components of solar panels made in Xinjiang, how will global solar buyers adapt? Andy Klump, CEO of Clean Energy Associates, a firm tasked with monitoring Chinese solar supply chains, joins the podcast to discuss.  

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