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Chatter is a weekly long-form conversation podcast hosted by Shane Harris of the Washington Post and David Priess of Lawfare, featuring in-depth discussions with fascinating people at the creative edges of national security. You’ll hear a refreshing mix of authors, national security figures with quirky stories, visual media creatives, technical experts, and new voices exploring areas from Hollywood to history, science to spy fiction.

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The Chatter Podcast: M. Todd Bennett on the Secretive Story of the Glomar Explorer

Shane Harris spoke with intelligence historian M. Todd Bennett to discuss his new book, "Neither Confirm nor Deny: How the Glomar Mission Shielded the CIA from Tranpsarency," on how the exposure of a CIA secret program, codenamed AZORIAN, led to a public backlash against disclosures of classified information and helped reenforce the culture of secrecy that envelops the CIA's world.


The Chatter Podcast: Reassessing Reagan's Foreign Policy with Will Inboden

Ronald Reagan stands among the most consequential national security presidents in United States history, not least of which because his policies helped to end the Cold War without a direct war between the superpowers. Reagan's vision for ending the Cold War evolved during his presidency but followed clear principles he brought with him to the office.

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