Latest in Case Coverage: Military Commissions

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

Court of Military Commissions Review Issues Two New Orders

The Court of Military Commissions Review (CMCR) has issued two new orders in recent days in the cases of Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi and the five accused 9/11 conspirators. In the latter case, the Miami Herald reports that the CMCR overruled the trial judge, military judge Army Col.

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

A Note on Military Commissions Coverage

As Lawfare readers may be aware, military commissions hearings are continuing this week in the 9/11 case. Lawfare will be covering the commissions as usual, with a bit of a twist: instead of daily, blow-by-blow coverage, we're going to take a higher-altitude approach and provide coverage once per week. As such, at the end of this week's hearings, we'll post a runthrough of everything that happened during this session on an issue-by-issue basis. 

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