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Chief Prosecutor Statement on Yesterday's Arraignment in Al-Iraqi

Here it is.  The text opens:

Good afternoon. Today Abd al Hadi al-Iraqi—an Iraqi national whose records indicate was born as Nashwan Abd al Razzaq in 1961 in the city of Mosul—was arraigned before a United States military commission on charges that, as a senior member of Al Qaeda, he conspired with and led others in a series of unlawful attacks and related offenses in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere from 2001 to 2006.

Military Commissions

6/18 Session #1: That Was Fast

It’s go time at the Expeditionary Legal Complex, Courtroom Two. After some shuffling of papers and adjusting of microphones, the military judge, Navy Capt. J. Kirk Waits, calls the initial hearing to order.

Civilian prosecutor Mikeal Clayton rises and ticks off various housekeeping points: the referral of charges per Guantanamo rules, the closed-circuit broadcast of the day’s events, the names of his colleagues, and so on.

Military Commissions

Abd Al Hadi Al-Iraqi Arraignment

This afternoon, Abd Al-Hadi Al-Iraqi will be arraigned before a military commission at Guantanamo.

As per usual, video and audio of the pre-trial proceedings will be zapped, via closed circuit television, to Fort Meade's Smallwood Hall; and as per usual, Lawfare will travel to Smallwood, view the broadcast and post almost-live dispatches in our "Events Coverage" section.


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