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Brookings Paper on Terrorism and the Election

My Brookings colleague Daniel Byman and I have a paper out on the Brookings web site on terrorism as an issue in the 2012 presidential campaign. The paper is high-altitude and not chiefly about law. It is is part of a larger Brookings project, which I direct, on the critical issues the next president will face. The introduction opens as follows:

Campaign 2012

Marc Thiessen on a Perry-Romney National Security Debate

I often disagree with Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, but this column strikes me as right on. Thiessen bewails the lack of serious debate in the Republican primaries on national security issues, and he suggests a series of questions the candidates should address. While the specific questions he proposes reveal his own views, and his own critique of current policy, he has a real point. It is not acceptable, given the level of U.S.

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