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"Diplomatic Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Bosnia and Hercegovina," by Philippe Leroux-Martin

Philippe Leroux-Martin is a Canadian lawyer-diplomat who over several years served with the post-war UN mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina and, later, as an international legal advisor on Kosovo’s accession to independence during 2008-09. His book, Diplomatic Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Bosnia and Hercegovina, examines in careful detail a diplomatic crisis in Bosnia-Hercegovina, in which Leroux-Martin, as an international official on the ground, as both an observer and diplomatic participant. 

Brief Reviews

"Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict," by William Boothby

Although today there is a flood of books on the law of armed conflict and emerging technologies of weapons, there are surprisingly few book-length treatments of the law of weapons as such. So the appearance in 2009 of William H. Boothby’s treatise, Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict, was particularly welcome, given the increasing importance of emerging weapons technology and considerations of international law.


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