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Our prolific in-house technology and security buff Paul Rosenzweig keeps readers updated on developments in his areas of interest. Bits and Bytes consists of a short compilation of links to things Paul has seen that might interest readers, complete with a brief explanation of why he thinks it’s worthwhile to post the link. Following Bits and Bytes is a simple way to keep up with what’s going at the intersection of technology and security—an intersection that will become only more central in the years to come.

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Bits and Bytes

Bits and Bytes: LabMD and Google AI

The FTC Takes a Loss. The Federal Trade Commission has been setting itself up as the regulator of private-sector cybersecurity. That effort took a hit this week when the 11th Circuit ruled that its standards were too indefinite. "In sum . . . the Commission’s cease and desist order is nonetheless unenforceable. It does not enjoin a specific act or practice. Instead, it mandates a complete overhaul of LabMD’s data-security program and says precious little about how this is to be accomplished.

Bits and Bytes

The Saudi Attack; Lies Are Quicker; Berkeley and Surveillance

Iran Tries to Blow Up Saudi Company. The New York Times is reporting the attempt. It is a chilling episode that should give eveyrone pause. "In August, a petrochemical company with a plant in Saudi Arabia was hit by a new kind of cyberassault. The attack was not designed to simply destroy data or shut down the plant, investigators believe. It was meant to sabotage the firm’s operations and trigger an explosion."

Bits and Bytes

Privacy Today Edition

Pixelization can't protect privacy. Tech improvements make privacy harder all the time. "Google Brain, an offshoot of the Silicon Valley behemoth working on a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning, is finding ways around" pixelization.

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