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British Parliament (Unlike the U.S. Congress) Actually Votes on Use of Force in Syria

British Parliament voted late Wednesday evening to participate in the bombing campaign in Syria against the Islamic State. The U.K. appears to be embracing a regime of legislative approval for war, as the U.S. appears to be turning away from Congressional approval for the use of armed force.

Paris attacks

Why President Obama Should Seek Formal Congressional Support If He Ramps Up Force Against the Islamic State After Paris

The President's Article II authority is enhanced by the Paris attacks, but if he is going to ramp up the use of force against the Islamic State, he should get Congress and the nation formally on board. 


A Heroic Operation to Free ISIL Prisoners...and a Reminder that the "Assist" Mission Can Mean U.S. Troops in Ground Combat

In a dramatic predawn raid, dozens of Delta Force operators deployed alongside elite Kurdish troops to raid an ISIL compound in Iraq in hopes of freeing prisoners who were under threat of imminent execution.  It seems the mission was largely a success, though one American operator was shot and killed in the fighting, and several of the Kurds were wounded as well.  

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