Latest in AUMF: Syria

AUMF: Syria

Rep. Adam Schiff Introduces Updated AUMF

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), who serves as the ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has released a revised and updated draft Authorization for the Use of Military Force against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The bill is broadly similar the one that Representative Schiff introduced last September.

AUMF: Legislative Reaffirmation

The Obama Administration Wants a Super-Broad AUMF for the Islamic State (and Other Reactions to Yesterday’s AUMF Hearing)

Secretary of State Kerry testified yesterday before the Senate Foreign Relations committee on the need for a new AUMF for the Islamic State (which Kerry referred to by the new moniker “Daesh,” and I will for now call “IS”).  It was a revealing few hours.  The Senators were well-informed and asked good questions with an unusual bipartisan flavor.  Kerry was well-informed too and did his best to answer their questions.  The big news is that Kerry laid the administration’s cards on the table about what it wants in an AUMF for IS.  It


A “Buffer Zone” Inside Syria, and Its Complications

The United States and Turkey seem to be having increasingly detailed discussions about establishing a no-fly zone (or “buffer zone”) inside the northern Syrian border adjacent to Turkey. The press reports that Turkey is conditioning the U.S. use of Turkey’s Incirlik air base for armed flights on the U.S. willingness to establish such a zone. The Administration has been coy about its plans, but the topic surely is the subject of internal U.S.


Bruce Fein’s Revealing Defense of Senator Paul’s Draft Declaration of War

Earlier this week I analyzed Senator Paul’s proposed war declaration.  Bruce Fein has a spirited defense of Senator Paul’s draft (which includes a swipe at me for asking an “obtuse[e]” question).  But the defense contains two errors that reveal the limits of what the Senator pr

AUMF: Legislative Reaffirmation

Analysis of Senator Paul’s Proposed Declaration of War (and Authorization of Force) Against the Islamic State

Senator Paul has proposed a declaration of war and authorization of force against the Islamic State.  A few reflections, drawn in part from an article I wrote a decade ago with Curtis Bradley:


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