Targeted Killing

Tools and Tradeoffs: A Second Call for Comments

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, March 15, 2013, 4:47 PM

About a month ago, I posted a draft paper my colleague Dan Byman and I had put together about the different tools the United States uses to go after citizens waging war against it from abroad. In the crush of coverage of the White Paper controversy, the Brennan nomination, and the Rand Paul filibuster, the paper quickly slid down the Lawfare face page, and our call for comments generated, well, none. We are now ready to move the paper toward publication, so I thought I would renew the request once more before doing so. The draft paper is entitled, “Tools and Tradeoffs: Confronting U.S. Citizen Terrorist Suspects Abroad.” We’d still love to hear from readers with thoughts on it.