Today's Headlines and Commentary

Today's Headlines and Commentary

By Ritika Singh
Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 2:04 PM

Let's begin with more  Al Nashiri news. If Lawfare's coverage isn't enough to satiate you, the Telegraph discusses the pre-trial hearings, as does National Public Radio. And the editorial board of the Miami Herald asserts that it is "absurd" for the Pentagon to "shield the public from testimony covering information already in the public domain."

Al Qaeda's got some nerve! The Associated Press tells us that the terrorist organization "warned" Britain not to deport Abu Qatada, a radical Isalmist preacher, saying that doing so "would open 'an unnecessary door to evil that will harm (Britain) and its subjects.'"

The Independent reports that American intelligence agencies have "won a court ruling allowing them to withhold evidence from British MPs about suspected UK involvement in 'extraordinary rendition'."

The Boston Globe reports that Tarek Mehanna, the Boston native "convicted in December of supporting Al Qaeda," will be sentenced today. The Feds want him locked up for 25 years.

The Wall Street Journal tells us that a new psychiatric exam of the Norweigian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik concludes that he apparently wasn't insane when he shot civilians and set off bombs last June. His trial starts next week.

Alejandro Suledo has a cautionary op-ed in the Politico about the proliferation of drones to state and non-state actors.

The New York Times reports that the number of Afghan forces will be significantly reduced after the NATO missions concludes in 2014.

The Wall Street Journal features this opinion piece about the recent ECHR ruling--which calls the ECHR "an accessory to [the assault on democracy]."

From the Frenemy Press: Pakistan's Express Tribune tells us that Pakistan will attend the NATO conference on the endgame in Afghanistan next month.

And today's Moment of Zen clarifies Iranian plans to cut off internet access to its people.