Today's Headlines and Commentary

Today's Headlines and Commentary

By Raffaela Wakeman
Monday, September 26, 2011, 11:45 AM

Let's start with some big military commissions news. Mark Martins, the new Chief Prosecutor for Military Commissions has proposed that Guantanamo cases be broadcast on a 40-second delay to sites in the United States to allow more people, including the media and victims, to watch the court proceedings. Up until now only those actually at Guantanamo Bay could watch the proceedings, as Carol Rosenberg at the Miami Herald points out. The announcement came in a Weekly Standard profile of Martins, whom it terms "the legal stud." The Standard describes Martins as suggesting that:

Military commissions will feature new measures to ensure transparency, including a venue enabling victims and media to observe proceedings near-real-time in the continental United States (40-second delay to ensure safeguarding of national security information).

Readers may recall that Ben floated a very similar idea this past summer:

critically, the live video feed of proceedings (which is shot anyway for the benefit of reporters in overflow rooms at Guantanamo) should be available stateside as well. At a minimum, a closed-circuit video feed should be accessible to anyone who wants to see it at sites around the country. This would, I suspect, have a dramatic impact on the number of people who view the process first-hand–and that diversity will affect what ends up being said about the process.

Speaking of military commissions, the Obama administration is considering a military commission trial in the United States for Ali Mussa Daqduq, reports the AP (via the Washington Post). Bobby also posted on this over the weekend.

In other news, Politico's Mackenzie Weinger writes here about the 9th Circuit's decision about OFAC on Friday, about which Bobby posted on Friday.

The LA Times' editorial over the weekend discusses the legal and moral questions surrounding the use of drones in war, as does Post editoral. Craig Whitlock at the Post writes on the Navy's lack of interest in using drones.

The U.S. launched drone attacks on al-Shabab in Somalia, reports BBC News.

The AP's Selcan Hacaoglu reports that the U.S. will deploy drones on Turkish soil to assist in the U.S. and Turkish fight against Kurdish rebels with bases in Iraq.

NYPD's Commissioner Ray Kelly was interviewed this weekend on 60 Minutes, and in answering questions regarding the Department's preparedness, he affirmed that the NYPD has the equipment and the training to take down an aircraft if necessary. Mark Memmott at NPR has the story.

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