Today's Headlines and Commentary

Today’s Headlines and Commentary

By Victoria Gallegos
Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 3:45 PM

In a court filing on Tuesday night, Justice Department prosecutors alleged that the paramilitary group the Oath Keepers coordinated with the Proud Boys in advance of the U.S. Capitol attack, reports CNN. In Facebook chats, Kelly Meggs, an Oath Keeper leader, discussed how he had “orchestrated a plan” with the Proud Boys leadership. Prosecutors have yet to allege an overarching conspiracy before the Capitol attack, although this is the first time they have publicly linked alleged violent efforts of the two extremist groups.

President Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will lead the White House’s response to southern border challenges, reports the Associated Press. The announcement came after Biden and Harris met with Health and Human Service Secretary Xavier Becerra and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at the White House.

A group of White House officials and members of Congress traveled to a southern border facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, according to the Hill. The group is accompanied by one network camera, which will provide footage from inside the facility to other media outlets. In an interview today with CBS News, Vice President Harris said that she and President Biden will “absolutely” travel to the border at some point.

Senate Republicans failed to pass a measure labeling the recent migrant surges at the southern border a “crisis,” reports Reuters. “They call it a challenge. This isn’t a challenge. It’s a crisis,” said Sen. James Inhofe, who had filed the motion. Inhofe’s motion was blocked by Sen. Alex Padilla, who was seeking approval for an amendment on immigration reform. Inhofe then blocked Padilla’s motion.

The Israeli parliamentary election resulted in a deadlock according to exit polls, for the fourth time in two years, writes Politico. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party and anti-Netanyahu parties both lacked the votes needed to form a new government. Netanyahu, who is seeking to form a new government with ultra-Orthodox and hard-line nationalists, addressed supporters stating the election had been a “great achievement” and that “[w]e must not under any circumstances drag the state of Israel to new elections, to a fifth election.”

The Suez Canal has been blocked since Tuesday evening, after a quarter-mile-long container ship got stuck and blocked nearly the entire width of the canal, reports the New York Times. Over 100 ships were stuck at each end of the canal by this morning, which connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and accounts for 10 percent of global shipping traffic.

The ruling military junta in Myanmar released hundreds of people today who had been imprisoned during the anti-coup demonstrations which began last month, writes the Hill. A total of 628 people were released from the Insein Prison in Yangon, although more than 2,000 people remain in military custody.

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