Today's Headlines and Commentary

Today's Headlines and Commentary

By Hannah Kris
Monday, January 13, 2020, 2:41 PM

Over the weekend, Iranian authorities appeared to use tear gas to contain anti-government protestors, reports the Wall Street Journal. The demonstrations started after Iranian authorities admitted to unintentionally shooting down a passenger airliner last week, killing 176 people, including 82 Iranians.

Iranian Olympic medalist Kimia Alizadeh announced that she had defected from Iran because of “hypocrisy, lies, injustice and flattery,” according to the New York Times. Alizadeh did not say where she was seeking asylum.

Both defense secretary Mark Esper and national security advisor Robert O’Brien said that general intelligence supported President Trump’s assessment of the situation in Iran, reports to the Washington Post. Esper, however, noted that he saw no specific evidence to support President Trump’s assertion that Soleimani was targeting four American embassies.

Kenneth Roth, the head of an international human rights group, was denied entry into Hong Kong, according to the Times. Mr. Roth had planned to release a report critical of the Chinese regime’s human rights record.

At least a dozen Saudi military trainees in the U.S. may be expelled from the country after an FBI investigation that found that many allegedly possessed child pornography and others allegedly had connections to extremist rhetoric, reports the Post. The bureau alleges that a few of the expelled Saudis failed to report alarming behavior by the gunman who killed three people last month at a Pensacola, Fla. military base.

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