Think Big on Cyber

By Paul Rosenzweig
Monday, January 27, 2014, 4:33 PM

An innovative thinker, David McMahon, of SecDev sent me a fascinating piece the other day entitled Think Big on Cyber.  The folks at SecDev do some of the most cutting edge security work I know and they are well worth listening to.  Here's a small taste:

There  are  a couple of characteristics of cyberspace that many of us take for granted but need to think through critically. First, is that  cyberspace is a synthetic domain, but with a very real physical and  human presence. There is an important point  in understanding that  the  synthetic aspect of cyberspace means that  it is a domain, which is uniquely described in data. There  is nothing that exists  in cyberspace that  does not leave a trace,  which is quantifiable, capturable, and  ultimately,  subject to analysis.  Second, that  data resides, transits, or is created by physical devices  (physical end-points) that  have, both a temporal, a geographic, and  a social component. Those three things  can be correlated and  together create a bordered, territorial Internet, even  without the  imposition or the  changes in  the  governance environment to make  it so.

The paper is a short 4 pages.  Worth a read ....