Job Announcements

Temporary Editorial Position at Lawfare

By Benjamin Wittes
Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 5:23 PM

Our redoubtable associate editor, Quinta Jurecic, is taking a leave of absence starting in two weeks—a leave that will run through the end of the calendar year. This leaves us a big hole to fill, and we need an intense, energetic, would-be editorial superstar to jump in for a few months to fill it.

Warning: This is a super-demanding entry-level position. It is also a great opportunity for the right person interested in law, policy and national security, and willing to dive in the deep end without a lot of hand-holding.

The position’s primary responsibilities involve managerial and editorial support for Lawfare, as well as writing. On a daily basis, this position is part of a core editorial team that coordinates with the website’s far-flung editorial forces to edit and publish Lawfare posts by the site’s regular contributors. The person in this position also reviews posts submitted to Lawfare by outside contributors for possible publication. He or she is responsible for regularly posting information and documents of interest to Lawfare readers, along with acting as a front-page and social media editor by curating the content that Lawfare chooses to highlight each day on the website and social media feeds. The position also involves a certain amount of logistical support and research support for me in both my Brookings and Lawfare capacities: assisting with scheduling, coordinating events, and managing media requests.

Readers familiar with Lawfare will know that the past few months have been unusually hectic for our editorial team. With that in mind, the person who takes this job will need to be flexible in jumping into new projects at a moment’s notice, as well as capable of balancing numerous different and pressing assignments.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of opportunity to write. And it’s work that, in our opinion at least, matters these days.

We’re going to move on this very quickly. So if you’re interested in the position, don’t waste time. Send a cover letter and resume to Along with them, send a brief memo outlining why you want the position, making a case for yourself in the role, and critiquing some aspect of the site. We’re not interested in praise. Tell us what we could be doing better.