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Attorney General William Barr Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

On Tuesday, July 28, at 10:00 a.m., the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on oversight of the Department of Justice, including the federal law enforcement response to recent protests against police brutality. The committee will hear testimony from Attorney General William Barr.

You can watch a livestream of the hearing here and below:

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Attorney General’s CBS Interview

Jan Crawford’s extraordinary CBS interview with Attorney General William Barr was released on Friday, May 31. In it Barr said some good things about why his investigation of the Trump campaign investigation is needed. He also said some bad things about his attitude toward his investigation that reveal the depressingly ugly state of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement institutions.

On the Need for an Investigation

Federal Law Enforcement

Bill Barr’s Actions on the Mueller Report: A Response to Jack Goldsmith

Jack Goldsmith’s defense of Attorney General Barr’s handling of the Mueller report is typically thoughtful but ultimately unpersuasive. While certain aspects of Barr’s behavior could be defensible if they stood alone, taken as a whole his course of conduct—what he said, how he said it and what he didn’t say—shows that Barr is not merely “defen[ding] the presidency” institutionally, as Goldsmith argues, but defending this particular president politically.

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