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Back when I worked at the Washington Post editorial page, we reserved headlines composed of only a person's name for obituaries. So let me start by reassuring you all that Wells Bennett has not died. He is alive and well, but as of today, I'm afraid he is starting a new job—which is to say he has moved on from his longtime post as managing editor of this site. More than a few words of appreciation for his service here are in order here, but I will keep this very brief.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: A Victory for Al-Bahlul on Remand

On this week’s Lawfare Podcast, Managing Editor Wells Bennett invited Steve Vladeck of both Lawfare and Just Security, and Adam Thurschwell, an attorney with the Office of the Chief Defense Counsel of the Military Commissions, into the Lawfare studio to discuss the D.C. Circuit’s decision in Al Bahlul v. USA.

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