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The History of Do-It-Yourself Weapons and Explosives Manuals in America

Ann Larabee's 2015 book, The Wrong Hands: Popular Weapons Manuals and Their Historic Challenges to a Democratic Society (Oxford UP 2015), is a history of what Larabee terms "popular weapons manuals" - though the book is more centrally the history of do-it-yourself explosives manuals - when "dissenters move beyond firearm possession into the realm of high explosives." The book documents the history and evolu


Terror and Jauntiness

Le Monde in Paris ran a story a few weeks ago by Luc Leroux reporting on a fifteen-year-old boy in Marseille who attacked a Jew in the street with a machete, and one element of the story cries out for commentary. That is the boy's tone, as conveyed in the police statement. The boy is said to have told the police: "Too bad the machete was badly sharpened, because I would have cut him in two." The boy said he would have liked to visit Syria―Palmyra especially.

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