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Last Week at the Military Commissions: Undue Influence and Other Issues in the 9/11 Case

Last week, the military commission in United States v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al. reconvened for pretrial proceedings, meeting in open session on July 23 and 25, and in closed sessions on July 24 and 26. The commission covered a wide range of topics, including motions relating to unlawful influence by CIA director Gina Haspel, FBI influence in CIA interrogations, denial of a public trial, errors regarding classification determinations, and competing theories of "hostilities" under the law of war.

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7/20 Session: There's Only One Way to Pro Se

It’s Wednesday morning and we’re back at Guantanamo Bay for more pre-trial hearings in the case of the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks. The previous two days have been closed sessions, but now we’re all assembled for a public session. We begin, as always, by establishing the identity and presence of the prosecution and of the five defendants and their legal teams. Everybody’s here.

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Yesterday at Guantanamo, 10/21 Session: Hearing Canceled as Translators “Can’t Do Two Things at One Time”

Camp Justice was quiet yesterday. Based on the need for translators to complete a last-minute assignment, Judge Pohl cancelled a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Wednesday in the military commission trial of five Guantanamo Bay detainees accused of orchestrating the September 11th attacks.

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10/20 Session: Pro Se Opens Pandora’s Box in Gitmo 9/11 Trial

The five Guantanamo detainees on trial before a military commission for allegedly orchestrating the September 11th attacks all returned to court Tuesday morning, as pre-trial proceedings in their case continued for a second day in a row. On Monday, the session was almost immediately derailed by detainee Walid Bin Attash’s unexpectedly raising the possibility of representing himself pro se.

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10/19 Session: Yesterday at Guantanamo: Once Again, Questions Abound While Answers Elude

The five detainees accused of orchestrating the September 11th attacks, including the plot’s alleged mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, were all present at yesterday’s proceedings in their ongoing military commission trial at Guantanamo Bay.

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