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Foreign Policy Essay

Frenemies: Putin and Erdogan

Editor’s Note: The relationship between Russia and Turkey has risen and fallen as the two have quarreled over Syria and their respective regional postures in general. MIT's Carol Saivetz examines this relationship and argues that the frayed ties are being repairedbut that there are serious limits to any rapprochement.


Vladimir Putin

Is Benjamin Wittes Underestimating Vladimir Putin’s Martial Arts Skills?

The first time I got the crap beaten out of me, I was a cocky 16-year old ironically on my way to, of all place, karate class. What started as a very minor auto “incident” ended as a completely avoidable road rage fight with a big 40-year old farm-boy who outweighed me by 100 pounds. I know he outweighed me by 100 pounds because the very short fight ended with him lying on top of me in the middle of the street after pile-driving me straight into the pavement.

Foreign Policy Essay

Understanding Russia’s New Role in the Middle East

Editor’s Note: Russia's return to prominence on the world stage is forcing security officials in the United States and Europe to rethink their postures. One of Russia's biggest moves is its renewed emphasis on the Middle East in general and its backing of the Assad regime in Syria in particular—a potentially transformative shift for the region. Yuri Zhukov of the University of Michigan explains the reasons for Russia's return to the region and points out the likely limits to Moscow's influence.


Foreign Policy Essay

What Does Putin Want from a Bargain with Trump?

Editor’s Note: Of the many changes in foreign policy that the Trump administration is enacting, perhaps the biggest is its embrace of Russia. Although a close relationship with Moscow alarms many Americans given Russia's aggressive behavior in Europe and elsewhere, it remains unclear what Putin might seek from a better relationship with Washington. MIT's Carol Saivetz tries to piece together this puzzle and explains that many of the benefits Russia might seek will be hard for it to attain.


Campaign 2016

State-Sponsored Doxing and Manipulation of the U.S. Election: How Should the U.S. Government Respond?

As Thomas Rid explains in this terrific piece in Esquire, the Russian government has developed a remarkable capacity for blending the fruits of espionage with information operations designed to manipulate public opinion abroad. It has deployed this capacity in the past in various contexts without generating much discussion in U.S. circles, but recent activities apparently designed to impact the U.S. presidential election (in favor of Donald Trump) have sparked a sudden surge of attention.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: Putin's Imperial Gamble

Perhaps you’ve heard, but tensions between the United States and Russia are heating up. With Putin upping the ante in Syria, Marvin Kalb, journalist, scholar, and a nonresident senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings, came to Brookings to launch his new book that looks at the Russian leader’s last foray into another country.


Russia’s Holy War in Syria

Russia’s intervention in Syria seems to have caught U.S. officials by surprise, although the build-up for it must have been going on for months and is unlikely to have been missed by intelligence agencies. The surprise, therefore, seems to denote not a lack of good intelligence but yet another case of willful blindness borne out of a commitment to a particular worldview to which the Obama Administration continues to hold onto despite the growing list of crises and conflicts that it has generated.

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