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Foreign Policy Essay

The Art of Dealing with the Taliban

Editor’s Note: As the Trump administration weighs its options in Afghanistan, one of the biggest questions is whether to continue talks with the Taliban via its office in Doha—an office set up with strong U.S. support. Here the president's desire to reduce the U.S. role will crash into his goal of being perceived as tough on terrorists. Candace Rondeaux, the founding director of the RESOLVE Network and a long-time regional expert, believes Trump can learn from himself. By applying the steps in The Art of the Deal, she offers lessons for the administration.

Foreign Policy Essay

Want to Ease Tensions in the Middle East? Science Diplomacy Can Help

Editor's Note: For those of us focused on the Middle East, the bad news seems unending: war, terrorism, poor governance, and other problems plague the region and stump U.S. policymakers. But the United States might do better if it used additional tools. Science diplomacy is one such tool: it can be less controversial and highly effective, leveraging a U.S. area of strength. David Hajjar, a veteran science diplomat himself who is a senior non-resident fellow here at Brookings, makes the case for science diplomacy.

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