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Syria: Starvation as a Tactic of War

In the last few weeks, the world has confronted horrifying photographs of children with sunken eyes and emaciated bodies and haunting anecdotes of men eating strawberry leaves after having not had real meals in months. These images told of the mountain-town of Madaya, a Syrian village of 40,000 that has been under siege since July 2015 by a combination of Syrian troops and Hezbollah militants.


What Has Iran Done Now? A Primer on Recent Iranian Missile Tests and Sanctions

Last week, the Obama administration was on the verge of announcing new sanctions on individuals and companies accused of helping Iran develop its ballistic missile program. At the last minute, however, the administration notified Congress that it would be delaying the imposition of these sanctions, without offering any explanation for the delay or a timeline for when it might impose the sanction.

International Governance

Threading the Needle in Security Council Resolution 2249

On November 20, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2249, condemning ISIS’s recent attacks and exhorting all states to prevent and suppress the group’s terrorist activities. The Resolution is in some ways a predictable response to recent developments, but it contains one interesting provision that is worth parsing from an international law perspective.

Operative Paragraph 5 (OP5) reads as follows:


The U.N. Security Council's Resolution on the Iran Deal

Earlier today, the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the recently concluded nuclear deal with Iran. The resolution creates the mechanism though which Iran will ultimately receive international sanctions relief once the IAEA verifies Iranian compliance with the agreement.

You can read the full resolution below.

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