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Russia and Eastern Europe

Heading for (Another) Ukraine-Russia Gas Fight?

Editor’s Note: The article originally appeared on Order from Chaos.

Twice in the past 14 years, a dispute between Ukraine and Russia has led Russia to cut off natural gas flows to Ukraine and Europe. The stage is being set for another cut-off in January. The European Union wants to ensure that gas continues to flow, so EU officials will attempt at a mid-September meeting to broker an agreement. But they face a difficult slog.


NATO’s Ukraine Challenge

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Order from Chaos.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visited Brussels on June 4 and 5, where he met with the leadership of the European Union and NATO. He reaffirmed Kyiv’s goal of integrating into both institutions—goals enshrined earlier this year as strategic objectives in Ukraine’s constitution.

Federal Law Enforcement

Document: W. Samuel Patten Charged With Acting as an Agent of a Foreign Power

Longtime Washington political operative W. Samuel Patten was charged on Friday for failing to register as an agent of a foreign principal under 22 U.S.C. §§612 and 618(a)(1). The Justice Department alleges that between 2014 and 2018, Patten acted on behalf of the Ukrainian political party, Opposition Bloc, a Russia-allied political group.

Russia and Eastern Europe

Don’t Ignore Ukraine: Lessons From the Borderland of the Internet

Most Americans might consider the events occurring in Ukraine—a distant conflict somewhere along the border between the Russian Federation and Western Europe—to be someone else’s problem. What that perspective fails to appreciate, however, is how these seemingly distant events set the stage for a new form of hybrid warfare that is already targeting Western citizens.

Cyber & Technology

Ransomware Remixed: The Song Remains the Same

Another month, another ransomware epidemic. Broadsheets are screaming panic while companies yell back that All Is Well and Ukraine shows the world what gifs can do for incident response. Twitter is abuzz with the rapid, globalized forensics effort of a legion of amateurs and professionals (though nothing yet from the White House).

Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Is War About to Start in Ukraine?

As The Independent is reporting this morning, it appears that Ukraine is under a sustained cyber assault: "Ukraine’s national bank, state power company and largest airport are among the targets of a huge cyber attack on government infrastructure. Rozenko Pavlo, the deputy Prime Minister, said he and other members of the cabinet were unable to access their computers. ...."

Foreign Policy Essay

What Does Putin Want from a Bargain with Trump?

Editor’s Note: Of the many changes in foreign policy that the Trump administration is enacting, perhaps the biggest is its embrace of Russia. Although a close relationship with Moscow alarms many Americans given Russia's aggressive behavior in Europe and elsewhere, it remains unclear what Putin might seek from a better relationship with Washington. MIT's Carol Saivetz tries to piece together this puzzle and explains that many of the benefits Russia might seek will be hard for it to attain.


Russia and Eastern Europe

The Moldovan Banking Scandal and the Geopolitical Threat to Reform in Eastern Europe

Editor's note: The Navanti Group is a data analytics company that uses a specialized network of local researchers to provide insight into local dynamics in hard-to-reach places around the globe. As the “Theft of the Century” continues to ripple through Moldovan politics, Navanti analyst Aleksei Lund assesses the long term impact of the event on Moldova and the wider region.

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