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Cybercrime Roundup

Cybercrime Roundup: Using Twitter as a Weapon, Copyright Trolling Porn, and Script Kiddies on the Rise

In this edition of the cybercrime roundup, a Twitter troll is prosecuted for purposefully inducing a seizure, a copyright troll and fake porn producer finally pleads guilty, and we learn that hacking is on the rise among young teenagers.

Material Support

Another Day, Another Material Support Suit Against a Social Media Company

There are two big questions in these cases: Does CDA § 230 really mean that a social media company is categorically immune from liability for knowingly permitting terrorists to organize and plot on their platforms? And if not, what standard of causation does a plaintiff have to meet in order to hold a social media company liable for an attack by a terrorist group that does some of its organizing online?

Transition 2016

Trolling as Politics: Online Harassment Under President Trump

Just as we should keep a sharp eye out for signs that a Trump administration may be slouching toward authoritarianism—not because that danger is immediately present, but because the potential for it is real—we should also watch for signs that Trump-inspired online harassment is veering into state calls for punishment of critics or dissenters.

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