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Obama’s Term-End Thoughts on Targeted Killing

You could be forgiven if, amidst all the allegations of groping, the Clinton-Trump debates, and the ongoing implosion of the Republican Party, you missed an extensive interview by Jonathan Chait with our current president in New York magazine earlier this month. You could also be forgiven if you wouldn’t have predicted that among the “five days that shaped [Obama’s] presidency,” Chait includes in his piece September 30, 2011, the day that a U.S.


A Hard Transparency Choice

Over the weekend, there was a crescendo of reports regarding how Russia may be attempting to influence the US presidential election. Jack provided analysis this morning, including links to several of those reports. The increased attention to the DNC email hack, which, according to multiple reports (from, at least, NPR, the AP, and Buzzfeed within the last couple hours) the FBI has confirmed it is investigating, raises an important question about what information the U.S.

Executive Power

Obama's Legacy: Law, Transparency, and the Politics of Anguish

Back in November, The Hill reported that the White House is looking into increasing the transparency of the drone program before President Obama’s imminent departure from office:

The White House wants to reduce the secrecy surrounding lethal drone strikes and other counterterrorism efforts, with an eye on President Obama's legacy when he leaves office in 14 months.

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Transparency in the Intelligence Community

Editors Note: This article was cross-posted with the Federalist Society

On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Clapper announced a plan to implement a new set of transparency principles for the Intelligence Community. This is the latest in a series of Intelligence Community initiatives to disclose more information about how the agencies do business.


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