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NSPM-7: "Integration, Sharing, and Use of National Security Threat Actor Information to Protect Americans"

[Update: A knowledgeable contact confirms my sense that NSPM-7 should be viewed in continuity with long-standing efforts within the IC to develop technical architectures for sharing identity-specific information about suspected security threats. Those efforts trace back to, among other things, the 2008 issuance of NSPD-59/HSPD-24, which dealt with biometrics relating to terrorism-related threats. As noted below, the idea with NSPM-7 is to extend a similar approach to other categories of national security threat.

Terrorism Investigations: Domestic

Terror Watch Lists and Adverse Action

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, many have suggested that the presence of Omar Mateen on the terrorist watch list is grounds for ... well, lots of things, ranging from denying him a firearms purchase to placing him under greater surveillance, etc. It is useful, in my view, to review some of the facts regarding the operation and management of those watch lists -- if only to put these suggested supplemental activities into context.

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