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TechTank: How Social Media is Changing Politics

Digital natives, millennials, and Gen Z who grew up with the internet have a unique relationship with social media and online movements. These constituents also comprise a large proportion of eligible voters. In the last decade, millennials have risen from 20% to 26% of the voting populace, and Gen Z from 0% to 9%. With such shifts, candidates must develop more sophisticated and diverse uses of online platforms. 


TechTank: How Memes are Impacting Democracy

Memes, the so-called “inside jokes” of the internet, are a ubiquitous facet of the online world. While often dismissed due to their humorous nature, they can also be tools to spread information or foster a sense of community. That is because memes can have an impact that goes beyond the online platforms on which they are posted. In fact, memes can add to public discourse on more spirited issues.


TechTank: Is Economic Decoupling Possible for the United States?

For several decades, many American companies have shifted manufacturing to countries such as China and India. The idea was to integrate the global economy, allow various nations to focus on different sectors, and build global supply chains that used components from many different places. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, it wreaked havoc on this model. Shortages developed and strained companies’ ability to get the components needed for their products.


TechTank: What to Expect for Big Tech, Broadband, Anti-trust, and Other Tech Issues Under the New Congress

The 118th Congress is now in full swing after a long and contentious vote for the Speaker of the House, which ultimately was earned by House Republican Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in a slim majority from his party.

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