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Cybersecurity: LOAC-Military

Livestream: Texas Law Review Symposium on Tallinn Manual 2.0

Today, the Texas Law Review is hosting a symposium on the Tallinn Manual 2.0 at the University of Texas at Austin, featuring panels on "sovereignty in cyberspace,  jurisdiction over cyber activities, international human rights law in cyberspace," and more. A livestream of the event is available here.


“State Opinio Juris and International Humanitarian Law Pluralism” by Michael N. Schmitt and Sean Watts

While states have become increasingly reticent about stating their views on international law, non-state individuals and organizations have strongly moved into the “declaratory” space, offering no end of “authoritative”-sounding declarations, reports, briefs to all sorts of international institutions, and scholarship. In a new paper, Schmitt and Watts offer an eloquent call for states, and particularly the United States, to speak up both with regards to their emerging state practice and formal opinio juris.  


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