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Cybersecurity: LOAC-Military

Livestream: Texas Law Review Symposium on Tallinn Manual 2.0

Today, the Texas Law Review is hosting a symposium on the Tallinn Manual 2.0 at the University of Texas at Austin, featuring panels on "sovereignty in cyberspace, jurisdiction over cyber activities, international human rights law in cyberspace," and more. A livestream of the event is available here.

The Cyberlaw Podcast

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast: An Interview with Eric Jensen

European news and sensibilities dominate episode 112. I indulge in some unseemly gloating about Europe’s newfound enthusiasm for the PNR data it wasted years of my life trying to negotiate out of the US counterterrorism toolbox. I pester our guest, Eric Jensen, about his work on the Tallinn 2.0 manual covering the law of cyberwar; the manual seems to offer an ever-more-European take on cyberweapons and the law of armed conflict.


“State Opinio Juris and International Humanitarian Law Pluralism” by Michael N. Schmitt and Sean Watts

Mike Schmitt is well-known to many, probably most, regular readers of Lawfare—eminent and prolific scholar of the law of armed conflict (or international humanitarian law); driving force behind the Tallinn Manual on the application of LOAC to issues of cyberwar; and the rare scholar of LOAC who is navigates fluidly between US and European scholarly LOAC communities (with academic appointments in the US and the UK

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