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Update on Myron Cramer's 1945 Memo on Surveillance Legal Issues

A few days, ago, I wrote this post exploring a 1945 memo from TJAG Myron Cramer regarding various legal issues surrounding the program that evolved into Operation Shamrock (as well as various other, more-conventional, collection activities). At the time I didn't feel free to provide a PDF of the memo itself, since I'd gotten it through the (for-pay) ProQuest database.


Alan Z. Rozenshtein on Digital Communications and Data Storage Companies as "Surveillance Intermediaries"

Alan Z. Rozenshtein, a former contributor to Lawfare who now works at DOJ, has a new article forthcoming in Stanford Law Review, "Surveillance Intermediaries," analyzing the role of corporate actors such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and others, that dominate digital communications and data storage, situated between government and targets of surveillance.

Transition 2016

Pence as Trump’s National Security Surrogate?

There is good reason to believe Pence will have a major hand, if not the helm, in shaping the Trump administration’s foreign policy and national security strategy—and not just when it comes to selecting cabinet members and managing the new administration’s relationship with Congress. The question is whether Trump’s stated positions on the campaign trail were, in fact, bluster borrowed for purposes of cultivating an authoritative, know-something posture, or if they represent genuine convictions on which he means to run his presidency. If they turn out to be the former, we will need to pivot from a literal interpretation of Trump’s campaign promises to a close examination of Pence’s.

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