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The Lawfare Podcast, Special Edition: A Person of Flynnterest

The Wall Street Journal this morning broke a major story: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump's former national security advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, for allegedly plotting with Turkish officials to arrange the extrajudicial removal of Fethullah Gulen from the United States in exchange for a boatload of money.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: Lawfare is Dead! Long Live Lawfare

As I announced on Friday, the Lawfare site on I am typing these words will, less than 48 hours from now, be a thing of the past. The site has given yeoman's service. But as they say in Ecclesiastes, there's a time to die, and this site's time has come. Lawfare's readers need a site that can support that remarkably diverse ways in which people use the site. They need an architecture they can navigate---and that they can rely upon.

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