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Israel’s Settlement Regularization Law: The Attorney General’s Extraordinary Brief and What it Means for Israel’s Legal Stance on Illegal Settlements

A constitutional challenge against the February Settlement Regularization Law is pending before the Supreme Court of Israel. The law aims to “legalize” illegal settlements in the West Bank by, among other means, expropriating land privately owned by Palestinians. On Dec.


Amona and the Settlement Regularization Bill: The Politicization of Suffering and the Threat to the High Court

Last week, after years of stays and delays, the Israeli government finally enforced a ruling of the country’s High Court and began dismantling the settlement of Amona. In scenes of resistance designed to haunt policymakers who favor further withdrawals, Israeli security forces dragged wailing protesters out of homes and synagogues.


The Israeli Knesset Passes the Settlement Regularization Law

Despite what seemed like a change of direction from the Trump administration on settlements, the Israeli Knesset just passed the Settlement Regularization Law, which aims to “legalize” illegal settlements in the West Bank. 60 MKs voted in favor of the law and 52 voted against. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not make it back from his visit to London in time for the vote.


What UNSCR 2334 Could Mean Beyond the United Nations, and How the Trump Administration Can Respond

Notwithstanding the distractions of the holiday season, a considerable debate has erupted over the significance of U.N. Security Council resolution 2334, which the Security Council adopted last Friday with the United States abstaining.

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