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Livestream: Attorney General Barr Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Attorney General William Barr will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at a hearing regarding the Justice Department's investigation into election interference in the 2016 election.

His prepared testimony is available here.

Watch the testimony below (via the Washington Post).


Livestream: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Nomination of Jeffrey Rosen to be Deputy Attorney General

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. to consider the nomination of Jeffrey A. Rosen to be the next deputy attorney general. The livestream is available here. Rosen's prepared testimony is available here and below.

Senate Judiciary Committee

Livestream: Attorney General Nominee Bill Barr Testifies Before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Former attorney general William Barr, President Trump's nominee to head the Justice Department, will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Eastern on his nomination.

Barr's prepared testimony is available here.

Watch the testimony below (via the Washington Post):

U.S. Supreme Court

Day 1 of Brett Kavanaugh Hearings: Documents Delayed and Documents Denied

A kerfuffle erupted in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday over the committee’s access to a series of documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s time in the Bush White House. The conflict concerned the withholding of material under an implied assertion of executive privilege and the relevance of the documents in question. There are a few different caches of documents and different reasons why senators do not have access to them.

U.S. Supreme Court

Judge Brett Kavanaugh on National Security: A Reader’s Guide

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin hearings Sept. 4 on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. If confirmed, Kavanaugh would replace the high court’s most frequent swing vote, retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, a change that many expect would shift the court significantly to the right.

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Video and Testimony: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing: 'Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online'

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on "Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online: Working with Tech to Find Solutions" at 2:30 p.m. EST on Oct. 31. The hearing consisted of two panels.

The first panel included:

Executive Power

Other Ways the Senate Can Protect the Mueller Investigation

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee convened hearings, entitled “Special Counsels and the Separation of Powers,” to listen to legal experts testify about the two pending Senate bills (Graham-Booker and Tillis-Coons, summarized here) that aim to further protect Special Counsels, including Robert Mueller, from improper termination by the president.


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