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Deadlock at the Security Council on Syria: A Legal Perspective

This weekend marked the fifth time that Russia has used its veto power on a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Syria since the country’s uprising began on March 15, 2011. The veto blocked a French-introduced resolution that demanded a halt to airstrikes in Aleppo and called for access to humanitarian aid.


Text of Russia-China Joint Declaration on Promotion and Principles of International Law

Last week I noted that the foreign ministries of Russia and China announced plans to issue a joint statement on the "promotion of international law" during the June 25, 2016 visit of President Vladimir Putin to China. The statement has now been posted to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Russia and China to Sign Joint Declaration on Principles of International Law

According to a statement issued today by the Russian Foreign Ministry (thanks to the OUP International Law Blog for flagging it), during the upcoming June 25, 2016 state visit of the Russian president to China, the "foreign ministers of both countries are planning to sign a declaration on increasing the role of international law." It will (according to Tass' report) set out a


The New UNSCR on Iran: Does it Bind the United States (and future Presidents)?

Colum Lynch and John Hudson have an article in Foreign Policy provocatively entitled “Obama Turns to U.N. to Outmaneuver Congress” in which they suggest that the new U.N. Security Council Resolution likely to be adopted next week will tie the hands of future Presidents and that the United States would violate the Resolution if Congress votes down the Iran nuclear deal.

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