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Deadlock at the Security Council on Syria: A Legal Perspective

The time has come for the international community to explore creative and lesser-known solutions to overcome the Security Council deadlock and address the calamity in Syria. This week, the Syrian Coalition announced that it will begin gathering the support of various nations in an effort to invoke the “Uniting for Peace” Resolution.

The Next Secretary-General and the International Political Environment That Awaits Him

Kofi Annan was the "rock star" of Secretary-Generals in the golden age of liberal international idealism about global governance; Ban Ki-Moon's "diplomat's diplomat" tenure as Secretary-General has unfolded amidst the re-emergence of sovereign rivalries and Great Power competition; and what international political environment awaits the new Secretary-General, who seems likely to be Portugal's Antonio Guterres? UPDATE: Link added re election of Antonio Guterres in the General Assembly by acclamation.

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