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Call for Papers: The "Bobby R. Inman Award" for Student Scholarship on Intelligence

The Intelligence Studies Project of the University of Texas at Austin announces the third annual competition recognizing outstanding student research and writing on topics related to intelligence and national security.  The winner of the “Inman Award” will receive a cash prize of $5000, with two semifinalists each receiving a cash prize of $2500.  This competition is open to unpublished work by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in degree programs at accredited U.S.


New Harvard Law Review Feature on Intelligence Oversight

Harvard Law Review has published a new issue, now available online, which includes a feature article and several responses concerning the role of the President and National Security Council in overseeing foreign intelligence collection. The feature article and overall series could not be more timely, particularly in light of last month’s Wall Street Journal report on U.S.


Disappearing “Legal Black Holes”

Historically there were significant “legal black holes” in both U.S. law and international law—persons, places or contexts which were not protected by the law or courts. But since about the mid-twentieth century, and accelerating recently, this has changed. Legal black holes are closing, and foreign affairs and national security are less likely to be treated as legal domains distinct from ordinary law and judicial review. 

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