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Blowing Sources -- Update and Correction

Yesterday, I offered some informed speculation about possible links between espionage arrests in Russia and America's reaction to the Russian hacking of our elections.  I have updated the post today to reflect new information -- namely that it appears the arrests pre-dated the public DNI report in January to which I linked them.  Obviously that weakens the connection between the two events.  The new data (at least new to me) is sufficiently significant that it warrants a p

Middle East Ticker

Turkey Turns to Russia for Air Support in Syria, Fighting Continues Despite Ceasefire, U.S. Policy Could Shift in Libya, and One of Iran’s Founding Fathers Dies

Turkey’s pivot to Russia has brought support for its campaign against the Islamic State, rebels and regime forces are fighting over water access for Damascus, the fortunes for the Libyan National Army are rising, and former Iranian President Rafsanjani leaves behind a complicated legacy.

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