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The Ukraine Connection

A Timeline of the Trump-Ukraine Scandal

A timeline of how allegations of wrongdoing by the Bidens in Ukraine percolated up through right-wing news circles to the president’s desk, what the president and his lawyer have said and done about it, what the Ukrainian government has said about the situation, and how Congress has reacted.

Executive Power

How to Reform IEEPA

President Trump citing the International Emergency Economic Powers Act as providing him the legal authority to carry through an “order” for American companies is just the latest twist in a steady, bipartisan presidential expansion of IEEPA that makes it overdue for reform.

U.S. Supreme Court

Executive Discretion and Judicial Deference After the Census Case: The Chief Justice’s Tightrope

Chief Justice John Roberts’s census ruling may strengthen deference to executive discretion when wielded by a future normal presidency, but for select occasions, he has revived a neglected counterdeference tool—pretext analysis.

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