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South China Sea

Assessing the South China Sea Arbitral Award after One Year: Why China Won and the U.S. is Losing

A year ago today, an arbitral tribunal formed pursuant to the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea issued a blockbuster award finding much of China’s conduct in the South China Sea in violation of international law. 

War Powers

Drones, Their Critics, and Obama's War Powers Legacy

Few things have been more emblematic of the military and, indeed, political aspects of the Obama War Powers legacy than drones.  As many have noted, the use of this weapons system has vastly increased during the Obama Administration, particularly in areas outside of active combat zones directly involving U.S. forces.   

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Was President Obama’s Visit to Kenya a Snub to the International Criminal Court?

One aspect of President Obama’s historic visit to Kenya under-reported by the U.S. press and almost entirely ignored by U.S. human rights groups was that the President met with two Kenyan leaders who had been indicted by the International Criminal Court.

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