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How Might a Democratic Congress Improve Counterterrorism and Middle East Policy

The power balance in Washington has shifted at least a little now that the Democrats have won the House. In addition to being able to pass legislation and shape the budget, Democrats now have the power to investigate, conduct hearings, and otherwise hold the executive branch accountable for the first time since the Senate flipped in 2014—and then, of course, a Democrat was in the White House.

Politics & National Security

The Dangers in the Trump-Brennan Confrontation

President Trump’s revocation of former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance brings together in an unfortunate way two pathological trends in the Trump era, and highlights the conundrum of the former intelligence official who wishes to speak out against the president’s attacks on the Russia investigation and the intelligence community more generally.

Politics & National Security

Law and Public Intuition on the Use of Force, Part 1: An Introduction

Tensions with North Korea have reinvigorated long-standing debates over when and how the United States should use military force. Legal experts have offered sometimes conflicting views on how domestic and international law limit potential military action against the Kim Jong Un regime—but expert legal opinion is only a small part of the overall policy debate surrounding the use of force.

Politics & National Security

Livestream: Senate Judiciary Committee Discusses Mueller Protection Proposals

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding an executive business meeting Thursday during which it will consider legislation protecting the special counsel from termination without good cause. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R.-Iowa) delivered opening remarks.

Watch the hearing live:


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