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ChinaTalk: Jeff Ding on US vs China AI and Lessons from Past Industrial Revolutions

Jeff Ding is the leading US scholar on China and AI and author of one of the earliest China-focused Substacks, ChinAI.

He recently published a fire paper called, “The diffusion deficit in scientific and technological power: re-assessing China’s rise.” It makes the argument that diffusion capacity (not just innovation capacity) is critical to economic growth — and China actually fares much worse in diffusion capacity than mainstream narratives imply.


The Chatter Podcast: Private Equity and National Security with Brendan Ballou

Private equity firms rank among the largest employers in the United States and invest many billions of dollars in a wide variety of industries. Yet the public understanding of how private equity works and its impact on myriad areas of American life, including national security, remains limited.


The Chatter Podcast: Space Diplomacy and Satellite Data with Mariel Borowitz

As satellites around the planet proliferate, the tug they feel from international tensions seems to rival the gravitational pull exerted by the Earth itself. On issues from Space Traffic Management to scientific data sharing, the need for global cooperation is high but rarely easy.


TechTank: Will the U.S. attain a competitive global spectrum strategy?

Consumer demand for wireless services continues to increase in the United States, making the need for more commercial spectrum a priority as more services migrate to mobile platforms. In a recent report, the CTIA argued that the U.S. needs approximately 400 megahertz of full power, licensed spectrum to meet this demand in the next five years. Meanwhile, consumer advocates have appealed to the federal government for more unlicensed spectrum to support community network and other alternatives for advancing mobile connectivity.

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