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South China Sea

The Philippines Should Dare China to Challenge the Arbitral Award in the ICJ

As the release of the South China Sea arbitration tribunal’s award on July 12 nears, China has apparently gone into “propaganda overdrive” to defend its position that the tribunal lacks jurisdiction. By now, most anyone who accesses the internet or reads a daily newspaper has run across China’s insistence that the Philippines dispute involves maritime delimitation and sovereignty issues beyond the arbitral tribunal’s power.

South China Sea

A Guide to Countering Chinese Government Spin on the Fairness of the South China Sea Arbitration Tribunal

Rumors are swirling that the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) arbitral tribunal will release its long-awaited award in Philippines v. China this week. China has already said it will not comply with the award, but it is clearly worried that a negative award will isolate China diplomatically or weaken its future claims in the region.


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